I help companies shape perception, connect with customers & build loyalty
Remarkable brands for you and your organization. Together we’ll build customer engagement, drive predictable action and create measurable results. It starts here.

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"Iain's breadth of knowledge, great listening skills and impeccable design sense make him the perfect sounding board to confidently take your business to the next level."

Sylvie Peltier, President, Red Letter Films

"Iain's insights are spot-on, and his feedback is precise, clear, and motivating."

Jeff Sauter, Founder, Scrappy Green Truck

"When it comes to digital marketing, Iain made the world of difference!"

Willem J Greef, CEO, Recon Risks

"Great information that will kickstart our business. Highly recommended, and maximum respect!"

Helgi Þór Jónsson, Co-founder, StreetLuxClothing

Let’s define success measures for your brand

Your customers will recognize and talk about the value that you offer.

You’ll generate sustainable differentiation and reasons why customers should trust you.

New products and services will be adopted quickly after launch.

Studies show an emotional connection is more important than customer satisfaction. How do your prospects want to FEEL, and how do you help them to get there? This is the single most important driver of customer engagement and sales, and is the heart of a dynamic brand strategy. Everything you do needs to answer this question and demonstrate that you can deliver that experience. Join me to develop your targeted and differentiated brand marketing focus that’s easy to understand, resonates with your prospects at the deepest level and provides a clear direction of action.

Why this is different

Emotional response

Engaging your customer’s emotional goals is at the heart of my methodology. We start and end there.

I work with you one-on-one

You’ll never be passed to junior members of a team to complete your assignment. I’m with you every step of the way to ensure your objectives are met or surpassed.

Focussed objectivity

I bring you unparalleled objective clarity about what’s brilliant, unique and engaging about your business so together we can tell the world.


Your brand is developed so you understand and champion what makes it tick.

90-day plan

Every project ends with a clear brand execution plan you will have the tools to execute in just 90 days.

About Iain Hamilton

Iain is passionate about bringing brands to life through responsive customer engagement. His decades of agency and client-side experience as a creative director have given him unparalleled insight into emotional response and customer behaviour.

Get your professional brand up and running in 90 days

You have the vision and the drive. Now partner with me to launch your brand – and have it running like a well-oiled machine in three months. 

Focused Clarity

Outside-in thinking reveals core concepts that cut through the clutter to communicate the heart of your brand.

Strategic Insight

Clarity provides the space to reveal compelling and effective marketing platforms grounded on solid business strategies.

Customer Response

Powerful insight drives emotional connection to positively influence purchasing behavior and drive customer action.