When your brand is powerful, so is your business

Studies show brand strength leads to superior shareholder returns. If it's time for you to get serious about your brand as a driver for growth, join me to build customer engagement, drive predictable action and create measurable results. It starts here.

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Let's define success for your brand


Your customers will recognize and talk about the value that you offer.


You’ll generate sustainable differentiation and reasons why customers should trust you.


New products and services will be adopted quickly after launch.

Have you reached a level where you need to adapt your brand to a more sophisticated environment or competitive landscape? Are you missing out on a more advantageous market position that would help you make the leap to new levels of growth? Is your brand equipped to meet your business aspirations?

In over 20 years of brand development experience, I have helped companies from startups to global corporations define their brand objectives and build realistic plans to meet them.

Join me to develop your targeted and differentiated brand marketing that’s easy to understand, resonates with your prospects at the deepest level and provides a clear direction of action.

"Iain has a tremendous understanding of Branding, why it is important and how to implement brand strategies that are practical and effective. He is strategic, creative and disciplined. I enjoyed interacting with him and found his ideas valuable and relevant."

George Mohacsi, Former CEO, Foresters Financial

"Iain's breadth of knowledge, great listening skills and impeccable design sense make him the perfect sounding board to confidently take your business to the next level."

Sylvie Peltier, President, Red Letter Films

"Creativity and business acumen are the words that come to mind when I think about Iain Hamilton. He would be a real asset for any organization looking to define its brand and develop steps to utilize it to the fullest. I could not recommend someone better suited to this task.."

Gregory Hubert, Writer, PR, Media Relations

"Iain's insights are spot-on, and his feedback is precise, clear, and motivating."

Jeff Sauter, Founder, Scrappy Green Truck

"When it comes to digital marketing, Iain made the world of difference!"

Willem J Greef, CEO, Recon Risks

Most importantly to us, Iain always indicates the practical applications his work has for our organization and future revenue generation. No matter the customer or audience, Iain and his team always made us stand out against our competitors. The results were engaging, compelling, relevant and FUN!"

Kaylie McCann, Head of Sales Engagement, Foresters Financial

Hi, I'm Iain Hamilton

I’m known by my clients as a real-time, high-impact consultant who creates dramatic brand progress and growth.

My clients, who engage me as a trusted advisor and partner, consistently achieve tangible, successful results in their mission to connect with stakeholders and build brand loyalty. I’m recognized for achieving mission-critical, high stakes results.

I’m thrilled (for the third time) to be on the judging panel of the Transform Awards which celebrate the best in rebranding, employer brand strategy and brand development in Europe, MENA, Asia-Pacific and North America.

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FREE BrandBase™ Scorecard


The Brandbase™ Scorecard is a concept and tool I have been using with brands of all sizes since 1995. Organizations have found it to be the single most important tool in setting strategic brand goals. 

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FREE Client ValueScorecard


The Client Value Scorecard is a concept and tool I have been using since 1995. Designers find it to be the single most important tool in assessing client value and allocating attention and resources.

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