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Ideas Authority™ will give you an unforgettable marketing advantage to dominate your market.

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Ideas Authority™

Training program for people looking to connect, convince and convert customers with a laser-targeted marketing focus.

Ideas Authority™ is a rigorous training program for entrepreneurs looking for a predictable system for engaging and influencing high-value customers.

The program materials are available via the online portal with training/implementation videos, worksheets, PDF’s and action steps for each of the modules.

There is also access to a private Ideas Authority™ community of like-minded entrepreneurs from all over the world pursuing the same business goals, giving you the community and accountability to help you get the results you desire. To find out more click here.

Iain Hamilton

Iain Hamilton is a creative consultant dedicated to helping entrepreneurs develop the most essential part of their business: MARKETING & SALES. Prior to starting and growing his own successful creative business, Iain worked at some of the most recognised ad agencies and design studios and began developing the fundamentals of how to create profitable success using creative influence.

Iain has strategized with well over 3000 businesses and has influenced sales growth with over 20+ businesses this year!

Iain’s signature statement is derived from the core strategy he teaches: “When it comes to generating sales, always ask yourself, what am I doing to stick in the mind of my prospects? AND… What am I doing in my marketing to influence that prospect to take action?”

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