What Is The Ideas Authority™ Workshop?

A PLATINUM COACHING & MENTORING WORKSHOP, Where We Will Help You Develop (And SELL) Your High-Value Design Offer, Secure Your Future, And (Best Part) Never Run Out of Design Clients Again…

In 8-weeks you’ll have all of the elements (business positioning, lead magnet, offer, tech setup, emails, and sales strategies) set up to build a multiple 6-figure per year design client business.

The ‘6-Pillar’ Idea Authority™ System:

• High Ticket Design Offer (sell for a bare minimum of $5k to $10k)
• Auto Opportunity Feeder (for consistent qualified lead generation)
• Organic Traffic Strategy (how to get high-value clients using repeatable daily strategies)
• Paid Traffic Campaigns (how to run Google ads to get high-value clients)
• Automated Systems (teach your business to run itself)
• Advanced Sales Strategies (how to get people to pay up to $25k for your design services)

The 8-week program unlocks access to the training modules to show you how to put together every single element of your high-ticket client program.

It also unlocks access to our platinum mastermind group to help you put all of the elements firmly (and correctly) in place. And, coaching calls with us (once per week) to ensure you come out with a completed and premium product, powerful marketing systems, and all necessary elements to build your business without all the headaches (and costs) of doing it wrong…

Elements included:

• scripting your video case study
• hosting your video case study
• integrating your CRM with your funnel
• how to track and optimise for profit
• ad copy for filling your funnel
• setting up your automation
• crafting your high-ticket offer
• landing page and website copy
• delivering your client services with automated systems
• setting up Google ads to generate a consistent stream of high-value clients
• setting up your sales system

The investment? Just one or two new clients delivered from your new system (the one we will personally help you build and implement) will more than cover the investment…

And you’ll retain your systems, your paid traffic campaigns, and all of the strategies to keep attracting high-value design clients again and again…

Deliverables included:

WEEK 1: Crafting & Packaging Your High-Value Design Offer

In week one we cover the fundamental laws of business and selling design services so that you understand the reasoning behind everything. Once a clear understanding is established we get to work on the foundations of your design business.

The foundations are things like: Picking your niche, crafting your offer, resonating your message and testing everything in the marketplace to get feedback and iterate/improve until the offer-market fit is achieved.

WEEK 2: Changing The Way You Think

In module two we teach you a new view on the design space that is so profoundly different that it’s like seeing for the first time.

We discuss why most peoples thinking and beliefs are flawed and destructive and how you can rewire your entire beliefs so that it helps you start thinking like a business owner and how you can add true value to the market.

WEEK 3: Mastering The Design Sales Process

In week three we discuss the art of converting a total stranger to a paying design client with a proven three-step process.

We teach you the mistakes most people make, how to sell like a master and we introduce you to our highly successful sales script and philosophy. From structure to questions to objection handling responses, quotations and agreements, this week covers sales from A to Z.

WEEK 4: Building Out Your Opportunity Feeder

In week 4 we show you step by step how to build a sales call machine (an online asset that predictably turns cold prospects into highly qualified leads).

We provide you with our proven template then walk you through how to build out your funnel, connect all of the tech and most importantly create and produce your video case study: a 20 minute video that positions you as the leader in your market, solves your prospects biggest and most valuable problem and invites them to get in contact if they would like to know more.

WEEK 5: Generating Clients With Organic (Free) Strategies

In week five we discuss the art and science of attracting design prospects to your business with 5 proven free strategies.

The grassroots strategies you can implement immediately and for free and repeated on a daily basis for maximum potency. Week five shows you how to attract hot, ready to buy customers to your design business in droves.

WEEK 6: Paid Traffic

In week six we discuss a never seen before methodology for attracting clients using paid Google Adwords.

For the first time ever, we pull back the curtain on the closely guarded secret that allows us to generate $30-$50 for every dollar spent in advertising. We reveal the darkest secrets about Google’s algorithm and how we are able to set up campaigns to best take full advantage of the platform and rise to the top of our design field. Then once you have figured out how much it costs you to generate a new high paying client, we then show you how to scale up your ad spend to predictably grow incoming revenue.

This will be the most profound paid ads training for design experts you will ever see.

Platinum Mastermind – Lifetime access to the online portal with training/implementation videos, worksheets, PDF’s and action steps for each of the modules throughout the program.

Weekly Q&A Consulting – Every week to keep you on track.

The Idea Authority™ Workshop is currently open by invite only. If you’d like to talk about enrolment, register for our free training here and sign up for the free strategy & implementation session included in the training.

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