It’s totally degrading!

By Iain Hamilton

Bringing brands to life to drive customer engagement, sales, and loyalty.

November 3, 2020

After decades in the brand design business, I’ve seen one big problem, repeatedly.

Once the shiny new strategy has been launched into the market, and the agency leaves, brands quickly deteriorate and degrade.

I’ve noticed this in almost every market, and with the majority of brands.

The cause is lack of oversight across the organization. There is seldom a key responsibility to protect and curate the brand permanently. Individual marketing teams are left to interpret brand guidelines to the best of their ability, and usually without the support of a dedicated creative team. Crucial writing and design tasks are outsourced, and often to the lowest bidder. Little understanding of the motives behind the creative, and how it needs to work to bring the strategy to life, remains. Corners are cut, concessions are made, and little by little, piece by piece, the brand disintegrates. It’s death by a thousand cuts. The original serious investment, often many thousands of dollars, is lost.

After years of watching this, I’ve created a solution:

I’m releasing a new program for 8 clients only:

UNLIMITED 1:1 brand coaching for an entire YEAR, for only $997.

Sounds impossible, right?

But this is a revolutionary new format I’ve discovered that will be a total win-win for you and me… and a SERIOUSLY good deal for you. Guaranteed. 

If you’re looking for a golden opportunity to have 30+ years of global brand strategy and creative direction expertise at your fingertips, now is your chance.

I’m not advertising this program because I can only take 8 clients. If you want to be one of them for only $997 (that works out at less then $84/month) for ONE YEAR of UNLIMITED coaching, shoot me a message right now.

These 8 spots will fill up fast – don’t wait.

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