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In Search of Lost Time

by | Mar 19, 2020 | 0 comments

Over 100 years ago, Marcel Proust wrote a defining novel that shook his society to the core.

In many generations there comes a happening of such an unprecedented impact that everyone is forced to take notice.

This could be considered an accident of time, or simply a coincidence of chaos, if you choose that approach.

Others can see these times as intrinsically linked with, and a result of, human behaviour.

But one thing is for certain – we are all being forced to live our lives one-day-at-time.

In an environment where even the best advisors are scrambling for answers, our intellectual limitations are becoming more and more evident.

Society today is unused to and distrustful of anything that is not driven by hard data and evidence-based science.

Today, we plainly see the discord between our systems and the natural world. The smallest virus has our world entirely at its knees. And, perhaps, we are given an opportunity to finally see the world as it is, today, right now. Without any possible influence of stock markets, social influencer opinions, and even the all-pervasive media.

Today, we all face the immediate, and demanding, present. And in that, only what we DO now is counted toward our future growth.

Let’s hope we are found worthy of our customers’ trust in us. Because now, there is no faking it.

  • https://www.facebook.com/iain.hamilton
  • https://twitter.com/iainjhamilton

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