The Final Hurdle

By Iain Hamilton

Bringing brands to life to drive customer engagement, sales, and loyalty.

February 27, 2020

There’s often a disconnect when a business tries to deliver on its brand promise, especially with larger organizations. Very few companies know how to ensure their customer’s brand experience is on point. What starts as a clear brand strategy is too-often diluted and unrecognizable by the time it meets its “moment of truth”.

So how do you ensure your investment in your brand isn’t being squandered?

Each customer touchpoint carries the potential to deliver one or more of your key brand attributes. If for example you promote “speed” as a core brand component, you’d better make sure your employees are picking up the phone within the first few rings.

When you are able to convey your brand attributes through each of your customer touchpoints, you earn increased trust and solidify your positioning.

Review every touchpoint you have and score it based on its ability to deliver your brand attributes.

Look at how each attribute can bring more value to the experience, and ensure employees responsible for the touchpoint clearly understand its importance, how it aligns with your brand attributes, and how to deliver it accordingly.

These are the crucial steps to building a brand that works in the real world, not just on Powerpoint decks.

Too many decent brands falter between inception and the market. Don’t be like them. Invest where necessary to ensure your customer’s experience matches your brand strategy.

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