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Clarity of position is crucial in branding and in life where relationships are concerned.
The more clear and precise we are, the more trust we earn.

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Emotional Honesty

by | Nov 15, 2019 | 0 comments

Strong and authentic brands are far from manipulation and coercion. In fact, the more emotionally truthful a brand is with its audience, the more successful it will be.

People relate to products and services that not only fill a need in their lives but more importantly perhaps to brands that resonate with their feelings – their hopes, fears, goals, and dreams.

It’s a simple, direct and honest approach that is often lost in the strategic world of visions and goals, demographics and segmentation. But savvy customers can smell duplicity and marketing tactics that reek of it. People want and need brands that understand their wants and needs.

People want and need brands that understand their wants and needs.

The way to truly support and connect with your audience is to demonstrate you understand them by addressing the emotional connections they have with your offering. The more genuine you can make that connection, the more trust you will generate because trust is based on emotional honesty.

A good start in this direction is my Top 10 Brand Emotion Triggers download, available free on my blog. It points to common customer desires, and how to help by meeting them. This is simple work, but maybe because of that, very often overlooked. It is the power behind successful brands.

If everyone took emotional honesty as table-stakes in their business the world would be a refreshing place to be – let’s contribute best by helping the people we are best able to… our customers.

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