Everyone needs a Point of View

Clarity of position is crucial in branding and in life where relationships are concerned.
The more clear and precise we are, the more trust we earn.

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Cutting through the clutter

by | Jul 31, 2019 | 0 comments

People are bombarded with data and marketing messages every minute of every day. That’s why attention has become the new currency.

Here’s a jump-start to connecting with your audience instead of adding to their data-overdose:

  1. Be relevant. Make it obvious how your offer will add value to their lives.
  2. Be appropriate. Your message and visuals need to make sense in their context – don’t sell steel widgets with wooden imagery.
  3. Be different. Give your audience a reason to pay attention. Design your communications to stand out from their environment and your competition.

Too often marketing gets lost in the noise. Show your audience that you understand them – everyone loves a good listener.

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