There are a plethora of ideas out there about branding. Personal brands, logos, identities, colour schemes, graphics – it’s no surprise that many view branding as a superficial surface veneer. But I’d encourage you to consider the reality and whether it might be worth an investment for your company.

True branding is the dynamic relationship between your offer and your audience.

The simple formula for successfully managing that relationship is:

  1. Define the core value you bring to your customers.
  2. Articulate why you are different from your competitors.
  3. Design all your interactions or touchpoints to support those strategies.

If you consistently deliver this foundation you will have a bomb-proof brand strategy. Sure, there are plenty of nuances to consider, especially as your business grows and becomes more complex. But the heart of your brand can deliver a true, consistent experience that will promote recognition, gain understanding and build customer loyalty. Keep it simple!

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