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Make “love” not “need” your motivation and watch your life change.

What does this even mean? When we’re deeply engaged with the world around us, there is a strong temptation to focus on our needs – developing a “taking” attitude, and cultivating within ourselves a scarcity attitude. This can lead to a fear of losing, of missing out, of not having or even being, enough.

On the contrary, if we develop an approach of “giving”, looking out for our neighbour’s best interests, helping where it’s needed, then we tap into a powerful force for good. This is no woo-woo hocus-pocus, but a genuine process of the universe, as real as gravity. Some call it karma, others state you “reap what you sow”. By whatever name, your outward circumstances are always a result of your previous actions. And like plants, we can only expect a like return – don’t sow discord if you want to reap peace!

So my hope for this new year is that we can remember that “need” is a short-focused illusion. Love is what will return the greatest gift, and I wish only that for you!

All the best, and happy new year!

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